Is a Mining Manufacturer Blocking SegWit to Benefit from ASICBOOST?

Is a Mining Manufacturer Blocking SegWit to Benefit from ASICBOOST?

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Is a Mining Manufacturer Blocking SegWit to Benefit from ASICBOOST?

In a post on the Bitcoin improvement mailing list today, Blockstream CTO and long-term Bitcoin Core giver Greg Maxwell laid out the case that an anonymous Bitcoin mining equipment producer is utilizing an imperfection in Bitcoin’s confirmation of-work usage to pick up an effectiveness preferred standpoint of up to 30 percent over different mineworkers.

Additionally, this could clarify why Segregated Witness (SegWit), the Bitcoin convention overhaul proposed by the Bitcoin Core improvement group, is hindered by a few diggers. Many thusly presume the equipment maker being referred to is Bitmain, whose CEO Jihan Wu is a staunch adversary of SegWit.

A source comfortable with the matter has affirmed to Bitcoin Magazine this is to be sure the case; however that source likes to stay mysterious.


ASICBOOST is a protected innovation created by previous CoinTerra CTO Timo Hanke and RSK Chief Scientist Sergio Damián Lerner. It exploits what Maxwell depicted as a “powerlessness” in Bitcoin’s evidence of-work framework by using what the ASICBOOST designers portray as “a shrewd better approach to process work things.” With ASICBOOST, particular ASIC mining chips can be up to 30% more proficient.

Maxwell composes that an ASIC mining gadget from a “noteworthy producer” has been figured out, which uncovered that it contains undisclosed, clandestine utilization of ASICBOOST usefulness. This could, Maxwell gauges, prompt as much as $100 million in expanded income for every year for a mining cartel controlling 50 percent of the system hashrate.

Notwithstanding prompting gigantic benefits, the ASICBOOST procedure can likewise effectsly affect the bitcoin mining biological system all in all, Maxwell clarified:

“This could have an amazing bringing together impact by driving digging out of gainfulness for every single other member, and the wage from covertly utilizing this improvement could be mishandled to essentially contort the Bitcoin biological community so as to safeguard the favorable position.”


Maxwell did not specify a particular equipment producer in his email himself, however a source has affirmed to Bitcoin Magazine that Bitmain is the substance being referred to. Also, with just a modest bunch of ASIC makers dynamic available today, there truly aren’t many competitors.

Bitmain may likewise hold the patent for ASICBOOST in China, yet the points of interest of the apparently related patent are not clear at the season of production. As indicated by BitGo CTO Ben Davenport, the patent is identified with ASICBOOST.

Maybe much more significantly, the contradiction of the undercover utilization of ASICBOOST with Segregated Witness is by all accounts a giveaway. As per Maxwell, the incognito strategy for mining with ASICBOOST is no longer conceivable if Segregated Witness actuates on the Bitcoin organize. In the course of recent months, Bitmain has been one of only a handful few staunch adversaries of Segregated Witness in the Bitcoin biological system.

As noted by Maxwell:

“A contradiction would go far to clarify a portion of the more odd conduct from a few gatherings in the mining biological community so I started searching for supporting proof.”

The utilization of ASICBOOST could likewise clarify why Bitmain’s fundamental pool, AntPool, mined pieces approximately 100KB littler than other mining pools of a relative size amid the time of February.

An anonymous source comfortable with the matter disclosed to Bitcoin Magazine that the method is simpler to pull off when exhaust or about purge pieces are mined.

Also, Maxwell’s post asserts that the best techniques for secretly actualizing ASICBOOST are “fundamentally contrary with for all intents and purposes any strategy for augmenting Bitcoin’s exchange abilities,” with expansion obstructs as a prominent exemption. As of late, Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu tweeted bolster for another scaling proposition in light of this correct idea. Previous BTCC COO Samson Mow even said Bitmain subsidized the augmentation squares proposition, however Wu has denied that to be the situation.


ASICBOOST has been talked about on the Bitcoin advancement mailing list some time recently. As licenses are state-upheld, some Bitcoin designers, as Bitcoin Core engineer Peter Todd, are concerned it could skew rivalry by non-showcase components. Others, in any case, have contended that an enhancement in equipment ought not be rebuffed by a convention change, and by then no accord over an answer was found.

Presently, in his post to the mailing list, Maxwell proposes two answers for counter at any rate the undercover utilization of ASICBOOST. The first is, without a doubt, actuation of Segregated Witness by banner day initiation: diggers can be “constrained” to flag bolster for Segregated Witness through a User Activated Soft Fork (UASF) beginning at a particular point in time. The second choice is portrayed as a WTXID duty, which just makes the incognito technique for ASICBOOST outlandish even without enactment of Segregated Witness.


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